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Advantages of Using Radiant Barriers for Home Insulation

First Texas Homes

A certified Energy Star custom-home builder, First Texas Homes uses eco-friendly products and energy-efficient appliances to help homeowners conserve energy and minimize living expenses. First Texas Homes continues to meet Energy Star’s guideline for energy consumption by using radiant barrier roof decking to provide proper insulation in all homes it builds.

Primarily installed in attics, radiant barriers reduce heat transfer from the roof to the cooler surfaces of the attic, such as air ducts and the floor. This results in a reduction in air-cooling costs. Since they are not affected by humidity, radiant barriers will not degrade in thermal resistance or R-value over time.
Typically made of aluminum foil or similar materials, radiant barriers are lightweight and easy to install. Beyond attics, they can be applied to other parts of the house, including water tanks and water pipes. Importantly, radiant barriers are safe to use, as they do not produce harmful particles that may be dangerous to the skin and lungs.

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