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Daily Granite Countertop Cleaning Tips

First Texas Homes

Offering existing house plans and custom single-family residential projects, First Texas Homes develops suburban communities around Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Many of First Texas Homes units feature granite countertops in their kitchens. Some residences have granite countertops in their master bathrooms, too.

When cleaning granite, steer clear of ammonia-, vinegar-, and bleach-based products, as these compounds are acidic and can strip the sealant on stone countertops. There are specialty cleaners available for natural stone counters, but for daily cleaning, simply wipe down the surfaces of granite with warm water and dish soap. Opt for soft sponges or microfiber cloth over abrasive sponges and wool pads to avoid damaging the surfaces. Be sure to wipe away excess water after cleaning since puddles of liquid can leave behind water stains.
More troublesome stains can be removed with homemade cleaners that utilize typical household items like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide or water, but it’s best to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on caring for granite before attempting to remove stains with do-it-yourself cleaners.
Since granite is porous, it is important to prevent stains by using coasters and keeping surfaces dry. If a dark liquid like coffee or wine spills, wipe it up and clean the area with warm water and dish soap as soon as possible.

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