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Digital Programmable Thermostats Are a Convenient Way to Cut Costs

With 45 years’ experience and 30 years in business crafting custom homes, First Texas Homes is one of the most trusted names in Texas real estate. First Texas Homes has kept up to date with trends and innovations in home design, including installing digital programmable thermostats in all homes built since October 2012. Energy-efficient devices can help save money and improve environmental conditions.

Digital technologies have led to convenient ways for homeowners to make their homes operate more efficiently. Digital programmable thermostats, such as Ecobee, allow users to control the temperature of their home remotely, right from a smartphone app. Some programmable thermostats can change the temperature in each room individually, so homeowners can heat or cool the rooms they use the most, while holding others at a different temperature. Using these devices can lead to large reductions in energy use. Ecobee reports that their customers save an average of 23 percent annually.


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