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Energy-Efficient Living with First Texas Homes

Drawing on half a century of industry experience, First Texas Homes builds custom homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan areas. While embracing the unique visions of its clients, First Texas Homes (FTH) ensures that its homes satisfy a high standard of craftsmanship and energy efficiency.

An Energy Star partner and industry leader in energy-efficient home construction, FTH uses PEX plumbing systems, which limit the presence of harmful substances in drinking water. Moreover, its tankless water heaters can yield energy savings of up to 40 percent. Unlike conventional water heaters that rely on a tank, tankless water heaters heat water only when needed, preventing the needless expenditure of energy.

Energy costs are further reduced through the implementation of radiant barrier roof decking and R-38 blown insulation. Roof decking can almost completely eliminate radiant heat produced by the sun, which can drastically raise attic temperatures and cause inefficient performance in air conditioners, while R-38 insulation greatly reduces the amount of energy transferred from the home during the winter months.

To learn about the energy-efficient products FTH uses in its homes, click “Energy Efficiency” in the ABOUT menu at visit

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