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First Texas Homes - Providing the Best Lenders

First Texas Homes

First Texas Homes, as well as its sister companies Gallery Custom Homes and Harwood Homes, take pride in providing quality homes in Houston and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In business for over three decades, First Texas Homes knows the challenges and difficulties faced by people buying new homes.

For many people, financing is the major consideration in buying a new home. It is important that the prospective homebuyer finds an experienced loan officer supported by a stable, customer-service-focused mortgage firm. Hoping to make a client’s home-buying experience as pleasant as possible, First Texas Homes has established relationships with top mortgage professionals in the industry.
Through the company’s preferred lenders, homebuyers can have loan mortgages structured to match their particular needs, including conventional loans and specialty mortgage products such as government loan programs. First Texas' preferred lenders provide the most competitive loan products and are often better options than the numerous mortgage companies found online. Customers can contact First Texas’ professional sales counselors for details and information on preferred lenders such as Skyline Home Loans and Guild Mortgage Company.

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