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How Does Radiant Barrier Roofing Save Costs?

For over 30 years, First Texas Homes has made quality home building and unsurpassed customer service their top priorities. With communities in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth, the company offers custom floor plans and affordable pricing options. First Texas Homes is also committed to energy efficiency, with all homes built using the latest in environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

All homes built after November 2009 use radiant barrier roof decking, which may keep up to 97 percent of the sun’s rays from reaching attic spaces, leading to temperature reductions of up to 30 degrees. Radiant barriers work by using a layer of aluminum to block the transfer between the hot roof and the attic insulation below. Aluminum is effective because it reflects thermal radiation, while giving off very little heat. With radiant barriers in place, homeowners are able to realize lower costs, as they don’t have to use air conditioning as much. The Florida Solar Energy Center estimates that radiant barrier roofing can save between eight and 12 percent of annual heating costs.


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