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Kitchen Appliance Trends for the Current Market

First Texas Homes

In their design and construction work, First Texas Homes endeavors to meet each client's comfort and aesthetic needs. The team at First Texas Homes remains apprised of design options and trends so as to best serve the needs of discerning homeowners.

Current trends in kitchen appliance design reflect both consumers' aesthetic preferences and their desire for convenience technology. Smart home technology continues to integrate with appliance options, which now include wireless command technology and Alexa voice commands. Bosch, one of the leaders in this regard, has developed a proprietary connected home app that, when connected to Bosch appliances, can perform such functions as automated detergent order and laundry cycle alerts.

Visual design remains important to buyers, who this year are showing a preference for black stainless steel. Manufacturers such as LG, GE, and Frigidaire have followed suit, offering a selection of complementary colors for easy integration with a variety of kitchen designs.
Space saving also appears to be of importance to today's kitchen owner. Removable utensil racks in dishwashers are becoming increasingly prevalent, and manufacturers are developing different ways to incorporate them into the appliance’s design. Meanwhile, appliance makers are recognizing the needs of consumers who want their appliances to take up a smaller footprint by manufacturing 24-inch refrigerators and 18-inch dishwashers, allowing those who live in tiny houses or micro apartments to be on trend as well as efficient.

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