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Savant Home Automation and Lifestyle

· First Texas Homes,Savant automation

First Texas Homes is a custom home builder located in Texas. Fulfilling the needs of its customers is the company’s main goal. First Texas Homes promotes Savant automation as a standard feature of its new homes to provide customers a convenient and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Savant’s home automation system can operate multiple electronic appliances in your home such as the television, lights, wireless speakers, and security systems, all from the convenience of a remote control or an app. In total, the system is compatible with over 380,000 devices.

Savant automation can revolutionize your life by providing comfort, entertainment, and security. The home automation system can connect to your entertainment devices and remember your favorite channels, control your home’s thermostat and lights, and provide additional safety by allowing you to monitor your home while you are away. It can even turn off the lights, close the shades, and lock the doors as you’re leaving.

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