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Searching for a Home with First Texas Homes

For more than 30 years, First Texas Homes has helped families find the home of their dreams. A leading local builder, First Texas Homes creates beautiful, customizable homes in the state’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Prospective buyers can start their search at the company website, which offers interactive maps of the homes currently available in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston communities. Discerning buyers with specific needs can use the available homes search engine to search for and quickly locate properties for sale. The easy-to-use form allows users to search by city and community, right down to specific developments. They can search by floor plan or square footage as well, allowing them to choose the layout that best suits their needs.

Search results provide much more than a simple list of available housing. Future homeowners can get at-a-glance information about their new community, as the site maintains information about homeowners associations, nearby schools, golf courses, and other amenities. For more information, visit

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