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Texas and Its Housing Firms Fared Better in the Great Recession

First Texas Homes

With offices in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, First Texas Homes offers personalized services to its clients, from concept to blueprint and construction. This emphasis on customer service has assisted the 30-year-old family-owned company in remaining among the leaders in its market. First Texas Homes is, in fact, one of the largest privately owned home construction companies in its area.

In 2010, First Texas Homes emerged among the relatively few home builders to weather the 2007-09 recession, in which the housing market in the United States quickly descended from “boom” to “bust.” First Texas Homes’ stability was due in part to savvy management and purchasing on the part of the firm’s executive team, but also because it is ideally situated in one of the country’s most rapidly growing regions.

Citing the U.S. Census Bureau, noted Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston as the fastest-growing markets nationwide in 2009. Each gained some 140,000 new residents that year. The state’s capital, Austin, was also among the top cities in terms of population growth.
Demographers pointed to several other factors at play in Texas’ success in surviving the economic slump that devastated other states. Among these was the diversification of its economy, as well as its smaller home price run-ups.

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