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The Benefits of Achieving an Energy Star Rating

First Texas Homes

Founded by executives with decades of experience in the home building industry, First Texas Homes is a leading builder of new homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Focused on constructing homes that meet modern energy-efficiency standards, First Texas Homes has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Energy Star seal of approval.

Builders and developers who receive the Energy Star rating incorporate certain energy-saving features into their home construction, such as extensive air sealing, dual-pane windows, insulated duct work, and increased attic insulation.
Those who seek the Energy Star rating enjoy several benefits. In addition to displaying the Energy Star seal in marketing materials, following Energy Star certification guidelines can help builders standardize construction practices, reduce lumber costs, and avoid unnecessary expenditures on over-sized HVAC units.
To support Energy Star-certified builders, the EPA provides them with guidelines on energy-efficient construction tailored to the climate of the region where they are building. This approach pays dividends in the form of contented customers, who report fewer comfort-related complaints to builders due to better insulation practices.

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