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The Principles of Green Building

First Texas Homes

An Energy Star Partner since 2001, First Texas Homes has been a leading home builder in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas for over three decades. First Texas Homes uses the best available green building practices, including sourcing materials locally when they’re available and installing appliances that are Energy Star-certified.

Green building involves using a number of construction skills, techniques, and practices to reduce the impact buildings have on their environment. To be sustainable, a key component of being “green,” a building must incorporate renewable resources, such as sunlight, rainwater, and vegetation as much as possible, along with low-impact building materials, such as permeable concrete in place of conventional concrete.
The fundamental principles of green building include structure design and siting efficiency, water efficiency, and energy efficiency. Advanced energy-efficient technologies, such as PEX plumbing, R-38 blown insulation, tankless gas water heaters, programmable thermostats, and high-efficiency furnaces, provide superior performance while reducing energy consumption.

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