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Three Top Concerns to Have Addressed When Building a Home

First Texas Homes

First Texas Homes is a home building company that focuses on putting customer needs at the forefront of its operations. Quality, design flexibility, energy efficiency, and long-term value are all important goals that First Texas Homes strives to meet for its customers. To ensure they are receiving a high-quality, safe home, buyers should have builders address their top concerns, which include the following.

1. It is important to ask your builder how your home will be ventilated for high indoor air quality. Proper ventilation can prevent mold and mildew and remove airborne pollutants.

2. A home’s foundation should be built with the ability to keep water out. Your builder can use certain construction techniques and waterproofing materials to keep moisture from penetrating the foundation.

3. During construction, a builder needs to take precautions to ensure harmful gasses like radon and carbon monoxide are prevented from entering the home. The builder should implement radon prevention techniques, including radon-resistant new construction practices. Additionally, direct vent furnaces and carbon monoxide alarms should be installed to prevent exposure to this gas.

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